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05. April 2012

Nash Zig Bugs


Die Firma Nash hat in den letzten Jahren für viele Innovationen gesorgt und einige interessante Produkte präsentiert. Mit dem Launch der Zig Bug Range will die englische Firma das nächste Level im Bereich der Köderimitation erreichen. Auch wenn noch nicht viele Informationen über die Zig Bugs verfügbar sind, so ist sich Kevin Nash und sein Entwicklungsteam dennoch sicher, dass die kleinen Köderimitationen das „Zig Fishing“ für immer verändern werden.

Nach eigenen Angaben wurden die besonderen Köder zwei Jahre lang entwickelt und getestet und konnten einige kapitale Karpfen überlisten.

Schon vor einiger Zeit hatte Kevin Nash über Facebook ein erstes Foto mit den Zig Bugs veröffentlicht und darauf viele Reaktionen erhalten. Er selber kommentierte das Ganze so:
Wow! My Zig Bug photo yesterday got some reaction. Its funny how debate goes, and as some have pointed out, imitations such as flies are nothing new, and catching Carp on them is not new either! As I wrote in Carpworld though, I think it is proper to suggest that we anglers have not focussed on that huge area of water between the bottom and the surface, where Carp spend the majority of their time, and where they find loads of natural beasties. I believe that there is a whole new exciting world to pursue here, of imitating naturals that the Carp are eating – rather than chucking a piece of un-natural food at them!

I think I should also comment on the suggestions that we pinched the idea last October, and that a consultant had contacted me straight away. What did upset me was the suggestion that we would not give an individual credit. On the first charges I think that has been dealt with by the more informed. We have been working on this project since 2010, and a 50lb common was caught on a prototype fly more than 6months before it was suggested we were ‚told‘ about them. On the second point, it is a matter of the Nash ethos of integrity and honesty, that we would always wish to treat people fairly and reward where relevant. More than a few anglers are enjoying lucrative royalty deals from Nash. We have enquiries every day, often with the words ‚you were recommended‘ and that ‚we can trust Nash‘.“